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  • Randy Smith, Owner

But That Could Never Happen To Me!

(And Other Lies Business Owners Like To Believe About Their Businesses…)

After working with numerous small and mid-size businesses throughout the Savannah and Macon communities, we found that 6 out of 10 businesses will experience some type of major network or technology disaster that will end up costing them between $9,000 and $60,000 in repairs and restoration costs on average.

That doesn’t even include lost productivity, sales, and client goodwill that can be damaged when a company can’t operate or fulfill on its promises due to technical problems.

While it may be difficult to determine the actual financial impact computer problems have on your business, you can’t deny the fact that they do have a negative effect. If you’ve ever had your business grind to a screeching halt because your server crashed, you must have some idea of the frustration and financial loss to your business even if you haven’t put a pencil to figuring out the exact cost.

Quvecta offers a solution that is both cost-effective and ready to act when things go wrong. You can hire our entire team of experts for less money than it would be to hire one in-house professional. Even better, our wide range of expertise would take one professional a lifetime to accumulate. Aside from our vast array of knowledge, the Quvecta team is available 24/7, and our highly automated system means that we can often detect a problem before it impacts your business. Are you interested in a consultation on how to improve your computer function and security? Look no further.

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