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The most common and costly mistakes companies make when choosing a new business phone system…and how to avoid them.

The technology utilized to power your operations has important ripple effects on your business. Our team at QUVECTA offers custom technology solutions that can help you avoid the most common and often costly mistakes in doing business.

Before you invest in a business phone system, QUVECTA can help you:


  • Determine if you should be using a traditional phone system or should you be using a phone system hosted in the cloud.

  • Answer critical questions you should ask any phone vendor before signing a contract.

  • How to avoid getting talked into unnecessary bells & whistles, and expensive maintenance contracts.

  • How to avoid getting locked into a complicated system that you can’t support in-house, or expand without significant upgrade costs.

  • What features are available in the basic package.

  • Why it’s so important to purchase an “open system”.

  • The single most important feature in a voice mail system; overlook this feature and you’ll regret it forever.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies get talked into buying an overpriced, complicated phone system simply because they didn’t know all of the options available to them, or simply because they didn’t know how to ask the right questions when interviewing phone vendors. 

On the Phone

QUVECTA is intimately familiar with most types of corporate phone systems, including everyone from the big vendors to the smaller, lesser-known systems. Our team specializes in helping companies make smart, cost-saving decisions when buying a new phone system.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have on a quick call and follow up with a free consultation to better understand your business.

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