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How Disaster-Proof is YOUR Network? Our security audit will reveal the truth.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Our goal is to serve as an eye-opener to all small business owners who are not adequately protecting their data and computer network. If you are unsure, check out our online blog for the [6] steps outlined we covered previously. Let's be honest, most networks are an accident waiting to happen, and the most important thing for you to do now is to take action towards protecting yourself.

One of the biggest, costliest mistakes you can make is to ignore this advice with the false hope that such a disaster could never happen to you.

Quvecta is happy to sit down with you to discuss all your company's data and security concerns. Once we have a firm idea of the functionality and risks associated with your business or organization, we will do a full security audit to identify potential holes in your current security.

During this audit, we will come on-site and.

  • Pinpoint any exposure to or risk from hackers, viruses, spyware, spam, data loss, power outages, system downtime, and even employee sabotage.

  • Review your system backups to make sure the data CAN be recovered in case of a disaster. You don't want to discover that your backups were corrupt AFTER a major disaster wiped out your network.

  • Scan your network for hidden spyware and viruses that hackers "plant" in your network to steal information, deliver spam, and track your online activities.

  • Look for hidden problems that cause error messages, slow performance, and network crashes.

  • Answer any questions you have about your network or keeping it running problem free. I can also give you a second opinion on any projects you are considering.

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