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Flexibility in Delivery of IT Services

A Focus on the Needs of the Customer versus the Desires of the IT Service Provider


As our industry continues to grow and technology expands, many different service plans have been created over the years to provide IT services for a variety of markets. Most of these plans have followed a traditional set of rules that benefit the managed service provider or possibly force the client into using technology that is not required for their business. Quvecta understands the motives behind these plans but has found through its research, they are not always based on what is best for the customer. For example, 3 to 5 year contracts are not always the right solution for our clients. Insisting that a customer must conform to a standard or a set period of time may not be based on the needs of the customer. Quvecta believes that we must remain flexible and search for the real needs of our customers. We do this by recognizing that our job is to provide the best security and maintenance within the customer’s budgetary limits and its required time span. We understand that long term contracts are not the answer to a long-term relationship with the customer but instead…it is our performance.

To prove our commitment to breaking from the traditional IT service provider mindset, we provide multiple flexible options for clients. Perhaps a client has an internal IT staff and is thinking about bringing on another employee. One of our service plans can prove to be more cost-effective and robust. We can provide access to our tools for their in-house IT staff. This is an additional cost-saving opportunity for the client as the internal IT staff does not need to add similar software that we are providing with our service. It also positions the client for a situation that, if an internal staff member leaves for some reason, they already have us there in place to fill the void. Our baseline service gives you 24x7 Proactive Cybersecurity monitoring, Proactive software/hardware monitoring, and maintenance. Of all our services, comprehensive cybersecurity is what all businesses should have in place to protect against the growing activity by criminals who are trying to attack their business.

If needed, we also have the capability to add a varying level of engineering support. Some businesses do not need many hours of IT support but still need access to competent support. We have some clients who opt for a per ticket/incident price and others who want a flat rate per user per month. This is where our flexible approach helps those businesses get the support they need and not pay for services they don’t need. Yet again, our mission is to help our clients based upon their needs and we are very aware that each client has different needs.

We have a broad set of capabilities which include customer premise based or cloud-based solutions, either of which meets the customer’s needs for data, voice, and video surveillance networks. Technology and our work environments will continue to evolve. We are committed to working with our clients to provide a flexible and secure service plan for all of their IT needs.

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